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We entertain, educate and train in the wonderful
and technical world of aviation

Flight Experience™ was the original flight simulator business to ‘open the cockpit to the world’. We are the world leader in flight simulation entertainment. Our simulators are built to an extremely high standard using the latest technology in both hardware and software and, in fact, are used by flight schools, universities and airlines for actual pilot training. They are approved by many aviation regulatory authorities around the world.

Head Office for Flight Experience™ is based in Auckland, New Zealand. Although each Flight Experience™ is individually owned and operated, the head office is responsible for all aspects of the operation including manufacturing, maintenance, technical support, sales and marketing, recruitment, training and business development.

Flight Experience™ has 16 locations in a dozen countries and several more are already planned for this year. Store locations include five in Australia, China, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Paris, London & Marbella.

Flight Experience™ is approved reseller for Boeing and Airbus merchandise and we have flown around 200,000 satisfied clients. We offer a professional service combined with an exciting experience that is not easily forgotten.