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Flight Experience works with local universities & schools to conduct education and training programs for students. Read on for examples of what Flight Experience can do for your classroom.

For the past few years, Flight Experience has been working with both universities and schools to develop educational and fun programs for their students. With courses focusing on the importance of situational awareness to the fundamentals of flight and aerodynamics, we have been able to use our state-of-the-art 737 simulator to educate and expose students to the wonders of aviation.

There are many aspects of commercial aviation which can be brought into other industries. The medical industry, among many others, have taken lessons and experience from the world of commercial pilots. Perhaps your school, university or even company could learn and develop these skills in our simulators.

If you would like to discuss a particular course or training requirement, please get in touch.

Custom School Programs

Flight Experience can tailor any program to suit your requirements and educational objectives.

Over the past 10 years Flight Experience has developed and run many different school and educational courses. From teaching primary school children about transport and the airline industry to high school students learning about areodynamics, forces, communication, teamwork, engineering, technology and everything in bewteen.

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Executive MBA Program
Situational Awareness Course

Flight Experience Sydney is in its fourth year working with professors and management from the University of New South Wales and their AGSM Business School.

Together we have developed a course designed for their Executive MBA program; which emphasises the importance of situational awareness in business. Taking lessons from the way Commercial Pilots learn this skill and putting these students in an unfamiliar environment, the pointy end of a Boeing 737.

Dealing with challenging situations and distractions along the way, our students have to work out how to manage the situation, what's important and what can wait.

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