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Flight Experience™, in cooperation with Psychologists and Airline Pilots, have developed a structured course to help people overcome their fear of flying. After a brief phone conversation with a member of the Sydney Phobia Clinic (At no cost/obligation) it will be determined whether or not we can help. From this discussion you can decide if you wish to proceed.

Clients can elect to enrol in either an Individual or Group Course.

For more information click on the button here to go to our dedicated Fear of Flying website. There you will find detailed information on the course, testimonials and how to enrol. Let us help you fly with comfort.

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Flight Experience works with Sydney Phobia Clinic to bring the nations most successful fear of flying course.

From the team at Sydney Phobia Clinic:
A fear of flying causes significant impairment as flying becomes more common for work and family.  People suffering from aviophobia will go to extreme lengths to avoid situations where they might need to take an airplane or helicopter. Although the fear can be localised to flying itself, it is frequently seen in combination with acrophobia (fear of heights), and/or claustrophobia (fear of enclosed spaces).

Aviophobia often impacts on the person's personal and professional life, as they will tend to avoid situations such as traveling overseas with family or friends, or taking time-consuming travel alternatives for business trips. Luckily, treatment is available. Run in partnershicombine pilot education and Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT), the most effective treatment for specific phobias.

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