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Our latest addition is a pair of incredible military inspired, ejection seat style, Virtual Reality military jet simulators. Step into the world of military aviation and pilot a wide variety of aircraft through various challenges and locations. From the valleys of the Grand Canyon to the skyscrapers of New York city, experience flight from a whole new perspective.

You can choose between a 15 or 30 minute mission, with different challenges and aircraft being added regularly.

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15 Minute Mission

Learn to operate an FA-18 or F15 military jet around some of America's most iconic landscapes. A quick pre-flight briefing will have you comfortable with the seat, headset and controls before you advance your thrust-levers, ignite the afterburners and roar away from the runway.

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30 Minute Mission

In the 30 minute mission get to experience multiple military and civilian aircraft around 3 or 4 different global locations. Attempt multiple flying challenges that will test your skills: fly the Grand Canyon, through the Swiss Alps and land in Las Vegas. Then, if you feel up to the task, attempt to takeoff and land a helicopter!

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Whats in a VR military mission?

  1. Check-In
    Your qualified flight instructor greets you as you enter the mission location and will ask you if you have any previous flying or virtual reality experience (this just helps us tailor the experience to you!)
  2. Ejection Seat
    We'll show you around the simulator and get you seated and harnessed in, this makes the experience much more immersive.
  3. Pre-flight briefing: controls & flight plan
    Your mission briefing will get you acquainted with the flight controls and provide you with some basic flight skills. Your instructor will then explain some basic maneuvering techniques and limitations when operating a supersonic jet. G-force management and speed control are important factors in these aircraft.
  4. Takeoff & free-flight
    Your instructor will guide you through the takeoff procedure and get you acquainted with the basics of flight. Once you're up in the air, its time to become familiar with your new military jet. Turn, climb, descend, perform loops or barrel-rolls. The aircraft, and the sky, are all yours.
  5. Challenges
    Your flight-instructor is now going to test the skills you have just learned. From maneuvering at high speed through the Grand Canyon to refining your control inputs flying under bridges in New York city.
  6. Precision approach & landings
    Listen close, your instructor is going to talk you through the required skills for landing a military jet at high speed. This is no easy feat, and will require everything you have learned so far. Fine speed control, gentle control inputs and focus on the runway. Are you ready for landing?
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