Flight Experience's List of Awesome Airports

The world is full of amazing airports, each with varying aspects which make them so incredible. At Flight Experience, we have over 24,000 airports to choose from during your experience.

From mountainous terrain to curved approaches or proximity to populated areas and small runways, there are many reasons for an airport to be considered awesome by us. Below you will find some of our picks for awesome airports around the globe!

simulated plane landing

Hong Kong's
Kai Tak Aiport 'VHHX'

Although this airport closed down in the late 90's, it is still our absolute favorite at Flight Experience. From the mountainous terrain to the steeply curved approach and position amongst the populous city, what's not to love.

New Zealand's
Queenstown 'NZQN'

The awesomeness of Queenstown International Airport are obvious at first glance. The town and airport are situated next to lake Wakatipu and between the breath-taking mountains of the Southern Alps. Approaches ino either end of this short, narrow runway is challenging and nerve-racking.

air new zealand and jetstar branding aircraft with a mountain background
simulated aerial view of a runway

New airport's and information about their approaches and what makes them unique is coming soon!