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Learn to fly the 737 like a professional! run through structured lesson plans and work through our comprehensive manual. By the end you will be able to operate and fly the 737 on your own!

Our Flying Club is all about learning to fly a commercial aircraft. Whether you'd like to do that for fun, to learn a new skill, or perhaps to prepare yourself for a career as a pilot? our Flying Club course is tailored to you. With professional manuals, training guides and actual flight instructors, our course puts you through your paces with the goal of flying the Boeing 737 simulator solo.

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Pre-Purchased Flight Club Packs

Already a Flying Club Member? or looking to become one? The best way to purchase Flying Club sessions is with our Flight Packs. Purchase single or multiple sessions which can then be redeemed and booked when you like with a three year validity. Plus, the more sessions you
pre-purchase, the bigger the savings!

Flights are always 60 minutes in duration for Flight Club. One 60 minute session is normally $295. Save up to 45% by pre-purchsing packs of vouchers below.

What is the Flight Experience Flying Club?

If you have ever wanted to learn to fly the largest aircraft in the skies, but don't actually want to get your pilots licence? Or perhaps you want to become a pilot one day and want a headstart on training. Then our Flying Club is what you need.

When you join, you receive an in-depth manual detailing everything you need to know about flying the Boeing 737 and our simulator, this includes everything from start-up procedures and takeoff to enroute flying , approach and landing. This manual is based on real Boeing procedures and our sessions are taught by real commercial pilots, its serious fun.

How do I join?

Enroling is easy! Simply join by purchasing a Flying Club Membership from any participating Flight Experience store. Enrolment can be done by internet, phone or at a Flight Experience store.

Upon enrolling you will receive your Flying Club Pack which includes a Flying Club Training Manual, Personal Membership Card and Lanyard, Member Cap, Boeing 737 Wings Pin and Sticker. Booking lessons can be done at any time that suits the Club Member.

What happens when I get a Flight Experience licence?

Once licenced, you’ll fly without the aid of a Flight Experience Instructor. You’ll be able to fly your friends, family or work colleagues to over 24,000 destinations around the world. You will be trained in all aspects of flying our Boeing 737NG Flight Simulator, following a process similar to gaining a real pilots licence for a fraction of the cost!

To gain Licence One, which permits you to conduct take-offs and landings by yourself, you will require approx. five 60 minute lessons. (Please note this is an average time and may differ based on individual competency)

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Licence One

Once approved, members will be capable of flying Circuits. This enables members to taxi, take-off, fly circuits and land at suitable airports anywhere in the world that is capable of operating the 737. This is great for sightseeing and honing your skills. Time required: Approximately 4-5 hours of training and a 45 minute test flight

Licence Two

Once approved, members will be capable of flying Sectors. This enables members to fly a City-to City sector flight solo, using the replica Boeing 737 Navigation system and automation. This is the ultimate way to be the captain of a typical airline flight.

Time required: Approximately 4-5 hours of training and a 45 minute test flight.

Pre-flight Endorsement

Members may elect to gain a Pre-flight Endorsement at any time during their training. This is mandatory for Licence Two, but may be completed before, during or after Licence One. The Pre-flight Endorsement involves pre-flight, engine start-up and shutdown procedures from a Cold State (when the aircraft is turned off), including how to programme the FMC (Flight Management Computer).

Time required: Approximately 2-3 hours of training and a 30 minute test flight.

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