Amelia Earhart Day & Aspiring Pilots

24th of July marks Amelia Earhart Day - honouring the inspirational aviator’s birth (1897). Earhart was a true trailblazer: after taking her first flight at the age of 23, Earhart soon became first woman to breach 14,000ft solo flight, first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean solo (and second ever pilot to do so), and first pilot to fly solo from the Hawaiian islands to US mainland.

At Flight Experience, we understand (and identify with!) this passion for the skies, the thrill of flight and the spirit of adventure that comes with it. For this reason, we have created the Aspiring Pilots Program: a scholarship aimed to introduce young adults passionate about flying, to the world of aviation and allow them to explore the possibility of becoming a commercial pilot.

Open to high school students in years 9-12, and available in all Australian Flight Experience stores, recipients of our Aspiring Pilots Program scholarship receive the opportunity to learn directly from a certified commercial pilot about basic flight controls and the forces at play while an aircraft is in the air. They also receive direction and recommendations for further areas of study in their final years of high school, which will benefit their commercial aviation career direction - if they choose to pursue it.

All Flight Experience simulators are world-class, premium and authentic, CASA approved Boeing 737 replicas - so much so, they are often used by ‘real’ pilots for training. Recipients of our Aspiring Pilots Program scholarship also receive guided flying experiences in our flight simulators, accompanied by a commercial pilot to provide further guidance. Younger recipients receive a free pilot-interview preparation workbook, where older recipients also receive a one-to-one pilot-interview preparation coaching session.

We welcome and encourage all those who are passionate about flying and dream of reaching the skies - and beyond, to apply today. Flight Experience Aspiring Pilots Program is available in each of our Australian locations: Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth, or email us at: if you have any questions.

Applications for the 2019 programme are open between 1 July - 31 August. Scholarship recipients will be announced in October 2019.

In the words of the inspirational aviator, Amelia Earhart: “The most effective way to do it, is to do it.”