Flight Experience Launches New Branding

Flight Experience has a rich history, starting from scratch in a garage in Christchurch New Zealand, its now a global company operating many locations around the world. In its 15 years, the company has had a few different owners and operators, but no change has been bigger than in late 2018 when the company was separated from its founding company, Pacific Simulators (still operating in Christchurch, NZ).

Since then, we have been pushing to give the company a fresh look and a new direction. Focusing on our image, we want Flight Experience to be the connection of the general public to the amazing world of aviation. Using our commercially certified simulators, qualified instructors and our global reach, we can open the mysterious industry to everyone.

Part of the new branding is a roll-out of a new website and an entirely new logo. The new logo is focused on a clean cut look, professional but exciting.

What are your thoughts?